What is Industrial Manufacturing License in bangalore?

To protect the workers and to make sure that the owner is providing a healthy environment, the govt has introduced the Factory Act, 1948. As per the Factory Act 1948, every factory owner must register their premises with the local authorities before commencing their business. Factory License acts as a document of approval given by authorities to hold out manufacturing activities. The Department of Factories and Boilers issues Factory License. it's the duty of the Factories and Boilers Department to stay a check on the health, safety, and welfare of workers.

Also, a factory registering under the Factories Act, 1948 must obtain its building plan approval from the labor and employment department before covering themselves for a factory registration.

What Guidelines are to be adhered by the Factories under the Factory Act 1948?

The government has laid down the rules that are required to be followed by those Factories which-

  • Have a minimum of 10 workers and consumer power.
  • Have a minimum of 20 workers and don't consume power.

    The factories are broadly divided into two sub-categories counting on the process-

  • i. Hazardous
  • ii. Non-hazardous

What Documents are required for Obtaining the Industrial License registration in bangalore?

  • Form-1 (Particular of Room within the Factory)
  • Copy of the factory building plan,
  • Id and Address proof of the applicant
  • A detailed list of all directors
  • MOA, AOA, and Board resolution
  • Partnership deed if any
  • Bank account details
  • Expected Date of commencement of labor ,
  • Payment receipts
  • Land deeds
  • Consent from all authorities
  • Particulars of kit
  • Particulars of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes
  • Particulars on raw materials, by product, and finishing product along side the procedure of the method during a flow chart.
  • Tax receipt.

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