At RPGS Associates, skills and talent are combined with extensive experience to deliver perfection in every little aspect and detail. Our multifaceted solutions and all round insight in the corporate finance sector is what bring our clients the edge of clarity they need for successfully managing their business needs and taking care of each requirement.

At RPGS Associates, your wish or requirement is our mission for which we do not shy away from going an extra mile to ensure every bit of satisfaction for you. RPGS Associates is not just a company that provides you with elite services in business audit, accounting and setup, it is a highly recognized group of talented accountants and business gurus who have come together to revolutionize the very domain of finance.



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RPGS associates is a professionally managed firm. Our team consists of qualified Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretary, Advocates, Legal experts and we have a Professional Management Outlook. Our aim has always been to have specific staff dedicated to each client so that it is easier for the client to communicate with one person. All the work done by the staff is reviewed by a senior staff and finally reviewed by one of the experts.RPGS associates is a professionally managed firm.


The vision we have for ourselves is that RPGS Associates will deliver financial products of high quality in both the content as well as the appearance. We will be the one stop solution for accounting services, consultancy services as well as auditing services. Personal attention, as well as professionalism and a friendly customer centric approach, will never go out of style with us. Our culture, vision, mission and values will be inculcated in all who is a part of RPGS Associates. We know what makes our customers smile and will work towards it with the spirit of teamwork and collaboration. Our enthusiasm and zest will permeate in whatever we do.

Board of Directors


Global Head at RPGS Group​

Chakingal Prasad is the Global Head of Audit. Based in India, he has over 15+ years of experience as an audit partner and is an SEC reviewing partner. RPGS Group’s designation for its top Managing Director. He is also a CEO of the RPGS Copier Paper Private Limited. He has extensive international experience serving as RPGS Global Lead Partner for several of the firm’s largest multinational clients, as well as previously holding senior executive roles in the financial services and industrial sectors. He is an expert in Cost control, National and International taxation, Retail Business, Transport and Logistics, Pharmaceuticals,Food, Drink, Stock and Production control, manufacturing and management of companies.

Chairman Message

We are constantly striving to make sure that RPGS is not just another turnkey solution provider. It is our endeavor to ensure that we are the foremost in providing extensive solutions. RPGS is the go-to chartered accountancy firm which offers professional and comprehensive services for PRO, Statutory Returns, Auditing, CFO Services as well as Accounting Services.

We are known for our consultancy, accounting and auditing services in India, Indonesia as well as theUAE. We have various branches and are still growing, but our values are at the core of what we do and hence, we never compromise on quality or our commitment to our clients.

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