What is Patent registration in India?

Patent registration is often obtained in India for an invention. A patent may be a right granted to a private or enterprise by the govt that disallows others from making, using, selling, or importing the patented product or process without approval or consent.

Patent filing is that the primary step an inventor initiates to guard his or her invention from being misused. Patent filing in India may be a tedious process, but it is often done quickly with proper guidance and support. A private who wishes to secure a patent should get a consultation from expert patent practitioners.

before a patent registration is obtained, a rigorous check is completed on whether the merchandise is innovative or novel and industrially applicable. a private can search the property regulator of India's database to see if there's an object or invention that's an equivalent or almost like the applicant's invention.

However, patent registrations aren't applicable for all inventions, and therefore the invention should satisfy specific criteria to get a patent in India.

Who can file a patent application?

A patent registration application for an invention is often made by any of the subsequent people either alone or jointly with the other person:

  • The true and first inventor
  • True and first inventor’s assignee
  • The representative of the deceased true and first inventor his / her assignee
  • According to the Patent Act, a "person” is any natural person, company, or association or body of people or government body, whether incorporated or not.

  • In the case of a proprietorship firm, the appliance should be made within the proprietors' name.
  • In partnership firms, the names of all personally responsible partners must be included within the application.
  • An assignee also can be a natural person or aside from a legal person like a registered company, an LLP, Section 8 Company, an academic institute, or government.

    The applicant is required to disclose the name, address, and nationality of truth and first inventor.

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