Partnership Incorporation

What is a Partnership Incorporation?
Partnership firm registration is required when two or more parties sign a proper agreement to manage and operate a business and share both the profits and losses. Registering a Partnership is the right choice for every small enterprise because the formation is simple and there are minimal regulatory compliances. The Partnership Act was started in India since 1932, making partnerships one among the oldest sorts of business entities in India. A partnership firm can even be registered after it's formed. There are intrinsically no penalties for non Registration of a Partnership firm. But unregistered Partnership firms are denied certain rights under section 69 of the Partnership Act that majorly deals with the consequences of non Registration of Partnership firms.

What documents are required to register a Partnership Firm in India?

The application for the Partnership registration form must include the prescribed documents just like the Identity proof, address proof, a true copy of the Partnership deed entered into and therefore the proof of the Principal place of business. Any of the subsequent documents are often submitted as identity proof and address proofs.

  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Driver License
  • Aadhar Card
  • Voters ID

Proof of Business premise is often established by submitting the subsequent documents:

  • Sale Deed just in case if the Partner owns the place
  • Rental agreement copy if the office is on rental basis
  • Copy of the newest electricity bill or the bill receipt

How to register Partnership Firms in India?

RPGS can assist you register a partnership firm

  • At first, an advisor from our team at RPGS will brief you about the method and provide you the list of necessary documents required for Registration
  • The submission of the documents is often done online through our mobile application or through our website.
  • Once the verification of the documents is completed a Partnership Deed is drafted and sent to the partners for obtaining the signature.
  • It is to be noted that each one partners must sign the documents on stamp paper, and a replica of an equivalent should be uploaded on our platforms.
  • ď‚·Once the signed Partnership Deed is out there, it's registered with the concerned Registrar of firms, and a certificate of Registration is provided to the Partner.
  • Along with providing the Certificate of Registration of the Partnership firm, we also assist you open a current checking account within the name of the Partnership firm.

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