What is a Copyright Registrations in Bangalore?

Copyright may be a sort of property protection granted under the Indian Copyright Act 1957, to the creators of original works of authorship like literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works The copyright vests in original add whatever form it's going to be and in India it's not mandatory but useful in courts where civil and/or criminal proceedings are often taken to guard it.

What Is Included In Our Package?

To carry out a pharmaceutical business, you would like the subsequent sorts of licenses.

  • Application Drafting
  • Application Filing
  • This drug license is issued to a business that doesn't have its own manufacturing setup but uses the facilities of another licensee.
  • Certificate
  • Diary Number
  • Hearing
  • Reply

Procedure for Copyright Registration in karnataka - India

How we serve you the simplest

Complete Copyright form
  • You need to fill out an easy copyright form which can gather all the specified information & will help us while filing your registration.
Drafting Copyright Application
  • According to your need, our expert will prepare your copyright application. we'll co-ordinate with you for all the copyright documents.
Filing of Copyright Application in karnataka
  • As soon as your documents and application are processed properly, our executive will submit your copyright application with the department.
Examination of copyright Application / Objection / Scrutiny
  • The registrar will issue a Dairy No. then there's a compulsory waiting time for a period of 30 days for any objections to be receive
Objection / Scrutiny
  • If there are not any objections received within 30 days, the scrutinizer will check the appliance for any discrepancy and if no discrepancy is there, the registration are going to be done and an extract are going to be sent to the registrar for the entry within the Register of Copyright in Bangalore.
Reply of Objection / Scrutiny
  • If any objection is received, the examiner will send a letter to both the parties about the objections and can give them both a hearing.

The Requirements for Filing the Copyright Application in India

  • Full Name, Address and Nationality of Applicant & that of the author the year & country of first publication of the work
  • List of nations where the work has been published and therefore the year of publication
  • The year & the country of last publication
  • Six copies of the work Power of Attorney
  • Just in case of labels, which may be used as trademark, firstly clear copyright search certificate has got to be received from the trademark registry & only thereafter, application for copyright are often filed within the copyright office.

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