What is Import Export License registration in Bangalore?

Registered or unregistered businesses need to obtain an Import Export License so as to move goods to/from India into other countries. The Govt. of India has initiated the registration of Import and Export License online which makes it easier for the applicants to file the application easy and fasten required documents.

This license is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign trade the shape of a digital certificate. The issuance of the license can take up to five working days however; usually if all the small print mentioned within the application are verified to be true then it doesn't require much time.

As a trader, you'd require your Import Export Code at the -

  • Customs Authorities.
  • When an importer sends money abroad through the Bank.
  • When an exporter is sending shipments at the Customs Port.
  • When an exporter receives money directly within the existing bank account.

Documents Required

The applicant must submit scanned copies of all the documents along side the prescribed form on the DGFT online Portal. The specified documents are –

  • Applicant’s Identity Proof.
  • Cancel Cheque Copy of this bank account.
  • Business Address Proof.
  • Business Registration Proof.
  • PAN Card of the applicant is mandatory to initiate the registration process.

Some additional documents are required to be submitted just in case the applicant must make any changes (in the details) after registration of the license. It’s going to also depend upon the sort of Business Registration.

SCOMET License:

“SCOMET” - which stands for - Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipment and Technologies. This majorly involves in radioactive metals.

Import Export License Registration Process in Bangalore

The registration process for Import Export License is sort of simple however; it's always safe to consult knowledgeable attorney to refrain from filling incorrect form or details.

  • PAN Card is required to initiate the registration process important Export License.
  • The applicant must enter PAN details to proceed with the steps that follow.
  • Fill a web form Ayaat Niryaat Form (ANF 2A) with all the required details and upload documents wherever required.
  • Make the payment through Electronic Fund Transfer of acceptable banks.
  • Once the appliance is filed successfully, you'll print the appliance for future reference.
  • The department will review the appliance and verify an equivalent before issuing Import Export License.
  • You might also got to submit the shape physically at the Directorate General of Foreign Trade office which falls under your business location.
  • The payment is accepted only through HDFC Bank, depository financial institution of India, Punjab commercial bank , ICICI Bank, financial institution , UTI Bank. Upon registration, the applicant will receive a link through SMS/E-mail to download and print the e-IEC Certificate.

APEDA Registration:

These are the essential document required for the APEDA Registration. The subsequent section would offer you some brief regarding Import-Export Code. Completely filled form

Since the appliance for APEDA Registration is often made online, all applicants are required to make an account on APEDA website and refill the e-form for an equivalent.

Bank Certificate

The bank certificate is usually produced by the applicant’s bank with branch manager check in it. This certificate encloses the feedback report about the applicant which successively helps the authority to gauge his credibility in terms handling the finances and credit.

Particulars within the Bank certificate
  • Bank name, branch, reference number
  • Company’s name, address
  • Nature of the Constitution
  • Name of the applicant
  • Nature of account.
  • Allied activities of the applicant
  • Authorized capital, just in case of an Ltd.
  • Feedback of the applicant in short.

Remember that the bank certificate is confidential document that sometimes being delivered during a sealed packing. Such a certificate typically exhibits the applicant’s credibility in terms of repayment, obligations, and relationship with the bank. The positive review certainly boosts the applicant’s chances of being approved by the authority, particularly just in case of state license.

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