Life Insurance Investigation Agency

Life Insurance Investigation Agency on Insurance Claim

    RPGS Associates a Pan India Service Provider carrying out Life Insurance Investigation Agency on Insurance Claim
  • Full Investigation : Investigation for claim authenticity, Identity verification of life assured & Claimant, Fulfillment of documentation for claim authenticity, Physical Verification of receipt of claim intimation on predefined parameters to identify negative profile elements, relatives, neighbors, doctors to know cause of death, any past medical history, past health status before life assured, Occupational checks, checks for other insurance and verify assured and claimant’s bank proof statements, death certificate, age proof.
  • Verification of data authenticity and integrity of the assigned cases will maintain complete ownership of the assignment and investigation on post receipt of claim intimation by doing verification of various details based on supporting evidences.
  • Investigation Quality : RPGS Associates is bound and committed to the professional and maintain integrity of services and maintain the data in very confidential.
  • Reporting System : We provide the MIS reports whenever required by the Insurance company.

Non-conforming Deliverables :

RPGS Associates will re-perform the services without any additional charges to Life Insurance company and provide revised deliverables to the insurance company, in case the deliverables does not meet the specification scheduled by the Insurance company.

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